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Improving end of life care in Healthworks

Health Works is a pathfinder clinical commissioning group (CCG) in Birmingham and The Black Country with 22 GP practices and a registered population of 151,000 people; a high deprivation index and strong mix of BME communities. Health Works wants to clinical commissioning to transform care through coproduced, population health improvement approaches. To do this it needs a person centred commissioning process. Over the past 6 months and funded by Department of Health, Healthworks has been trying on ELC for size. Georgina Craig Associates...


Welcome to ELC

ELC is an innovative approach to creating person-centred care and commissioning. This website is a resource for those who are interested in learning how ELC can help them to become more person centred in the way they manage health businesses and care systems.

In England, we have been funded by the Department of Health to undertake a demonstration pilot of ELC in partnership with Healthworks (a pathfinder clinical commissioning group) and PHD cic in Birmingham. To follow our progress with this pilot, you can subscribe to our blog; learn by 'sitting with Nellie' and experience what we experience as we progress and complete the commissioning cycle using ELC in end of life care.

We believe that ELC can make a big difference to the way we do things in the NHS. ELC is already changing the conversations commissioners have with local people; the conversations they have with providers and the conversations around the commissioning table. It is also changing the way providers design services and talk to their customers and the NHS. ELC is helping support a move towards a world where people's experience of care matters deeply; and we can all walk in the shoes of the people who use our services more easily.

We want you to tell all your colleagues and friends all about ELC. Please pass it on today.

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